Parts Counter Person

Company Name:
-The Parts Counterperson sells parts to all available customers, over the counter, through the shop, on the phone, or online.
-Assist walk-in customers in selecting required parts, suggest companion requirements, offer specials, and ensure that the customer is exposed to the full product line.
-Pull purchased parts from stock.
-If the part is not in stock, determine availability and submit an emergence order if requested by the customer or tech.
-Answer phone calls, providing price quotes and other information.
-Assist outside sales reps with their orders.
-Set up orders for daily shipment, delivery, or pick-up.
-Verify WILL CALL and BACKORDER files weekly and return to vendors or stock those items not required.
-Solicit assigned accounts by phone.
-Assist Service Technicians in selecting parts needed for repairs in process.
-Notify service desk and the customer that ordered parts have been received.
-Ensure that before parts can be charged out, the technician presents a repair order.
-Display seasonal parts and accessories in an attractive manner.
-Keep all bins, aisles and storage areas clean, near and clearly labeled.
-Be friendly, professional and efficient when working with customers and co-workers.
-Provide the same high level of service to the other dealership departments, as is given to other customers.
-Issue credit slips for parts returned, ensuring that the original invoice or

Don't Be Fooled

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